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2008-10-23 22:09:34 by Dracado

Okay, I've got stuff to explain.
For "T3h Random 2" chances are looking...not so good.
I've made all of my animations alone and on a mac WITHOUT a computer microphone.

Sound hard?? It is.
Not to mention school. I have like 2 tests this week and like 2 quizzes and 4 tests next week.

Squeezing animations in there is pretty hard.
A lot of people on Newgrounds hate me for my crap animations, and about the rest (about 10 people) let me know that the quality's not so good but the ideas / concept were great.

I'm trying to change that.

I basically just started flash and my drawings and animations have none of the same styles.

If any of you can give me some E-mails or IM's or something about improving my work I'd love it.

I'm only 13 so I don't have a car to take me to any courses or conventions so I have nobody to learn from.
[ E-Mail / IM me at I use YIM ]

So basically, I need advice. Such as, where to get a good, cheap mike, how to improve my skills/drawings.

And also; I might do "T3h Random 2" if I can get some one to join me in making it, or if I can get a good microphone. Other than that no more news.

Please comment here to give help + suggestions. You can PM me here a NG if you'd like also. Or IM / E-mail me at



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